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"Focused on the Female"


KEMI Limousin produces Fullblood 100% Limousin Genetics. These are RED, muscular animals. We are working to produce excellent Limousin cattle for commercial cattlemen and seed stock producers. Seeking traits that increase profitability: muscle, maternal, docility & calving ease. The bottom line has always been salable beef, hide color makes no difference once it is removed, the market is changing back to the realistic where performance of pounds of feed converted to pounds of quality beef is rewarded. Bulls who produce 90+ pound calves that kill cows, don't increase herd profitability, we select heavily for low birth weights and calving ease, more live births yields greater pounds at weaning.

Maintaining a moderate mature cow weight that can sustain well in the hot Texas climate with minimal forage availability has been a strong selection tool in the past several years. In our current drought we have had to reduce the herd size to a sustainable number. Only females with high actual fertility and performance have made the cut. We've also been using outcross foundation French genetics to put more muscle and performance into our replacement females.

Our bull production focuses on producing docile, functional bulls. Well developed, not over fed, able to cover long distances in order to service a cow herd. Our bulls are developed on a moderate amount of concentrate, forage and loose mineral. They are in working body condition and are not overfed. We are not chasing the show market and are producing bulls that wont fall apart when turned out in the cow herd. Our Bull pen also has a pair of Llamas to keep wild hogs out, if your herd has guard Llamas, there will be no adjustment period.

Visitors to the ranch are welcome, just call ahead for directions, we enjoy showing customers our herd and calf crop. Please call 979-204-9016.

Michelle Kerr-Pankonien


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Kemi Limousin

Michelle Kerr-Pankonien
College Station, TX

Phone: (979) 204-9016
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